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Wish for the Future – One Wish, One Hundred Years

Posted in 2012, Digital Edge, Open Box

How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity?

Transmedia producer Lance Weiler’s Futurestates project, Wish for the Future, is the second part of a trilogy entitled Reboot Stories, an experiential learning project designed to empower the imaginations of disenfranchised students.

Reboot Stories is pushing the boundaries of traditional learning by incorporating technology and multimedia into classrooms that otherwise would lack the resources to do so. Where Robot Heart Stories, the first project in the trilogy, focused on innovating and imagining outer space, Wish for the Future takes a more grounded and personal turn. Through the project’s API, anyone can make a wish for something they’d like to see happen. Wishes are then granted through a creative act such as writing a story or singing a song. Weiler says that the project, when prototyped, helped kids act in a meaningful leadership role with adults.

“We did a wonderful ‘think and do’ lab with kids in charter schools in New York, where the kids came in and they led adult teams through the ideation of ideas that they had and their wishes for the future,” Weiler says. “And those wishes were amazing.”

Wish for the Future mixes participatory storytelling and design science to envision a better world. Participants make a wish for the future. Wishes are granted through a creative act such as writing a story, making a piece of art, sharing a song, or creating a video. Then granted wishes are prototyped using 3D printers and software hacks in an effort to create a tangible artifact. Afterward, wishes, creative expressions and prototypes will be placed in multiple time capsules and buried for 100 years.

Inspired by the Voyager Golden Records that were sent into space in 1977 and the work of Buckminster Fuller, Wish for the Future is an effort to ignite the imagination of many through experiential learning, creative expression and collaboration.

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