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Jan 2013 29

Translimits interview David Varela | WritingStudio | 2013

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About David Varela is a writer and producer. He has worked on a series of transmedia productions and alternate reality games such as Perplex City, Lewis Hamilton: Secret Life for Reebok, Balance of Powers and Clockwork Watch. Most recently he has ...

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Dec 2012 19

David Varela | WritingStudio | 100Hours of Solitude

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Last Friday the 14th of December, Translimits interviewed David Varela, the writer behind The Seed. At the time of this post, he is already into the 30th of 100 hours of his latest challenge. He has been writing live ...

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Nov 2012 08

Fernando Palácios | Storytellers | BR

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About Fernando Palacios (transmedia storyteller) is writing a book on a mobile phone during a trip around the world, inspired by the dream of a wealthy man who wants to build the eighth New World Wonder. On his Facebook page, you ...